Presentation of soil airation

Dear visitor,

We, gardeners and farmers , usually do not pay enough attention for the soil of our plantations (of course, we have technical barriers as well).

After the installation of a new plantation, we often forget about the soil and its quality gets worse and worse yearly, thus the balance usually upsets after a while.

The reason for it is simple, we and our machnies compress the ground ( app. 300 times/ 15 years) which will end in a tough,tight soil under our trees. Moreover, the increased amount of precipitation, rainfall or the irrigation that we operate in our plantation are also „help” to make our soil more compressed.

The biggest problem is often the lack of air in the ground. Thus, the roots of our plants cannot have enough water and nutrition from the soil. That will result in anaerobic circumstances.

Another fact is that a compressed soil will surely be more compressed after a while, and will not improve in itself.

Working experience

After our operation, which is the airation of the soil, aerobic circumstances will be observed:

  • better water-balance (all of the roots have space to take up water and the rainfall can be easily absorbed, too)
  • The edge of the pit (in which the gardener have placed his trees) will disappear because of the huge amount of air bombed into the ground.
  • There are previously ejected, valuable nutritions in the soil, which can soaked up after the airation.
  • Metals (Fe,Mg,Ca,P,K,Mn,Mo) will be in oxidized –obtainable for plants-condition.
  • Organisms in the ground will get water and nutrition as well, increasing the quality of the soil
  • For the roots, new, unutilised spaces and nutritions will be available.

The reaction of the plantation-experiences so far

  • More powerful, bigger pushing out at spring
  • Dark green plantation, powerful shoots
  • Faster grow of the crop/fruits
  • Bigger fruits
  • Early maturation(usually 3-5 days earlier)
  • More valuable contents: more intensive flavour,smell,juice of the fruits, higher acid and sugar concentration (e.g. higher quality wine,elder,cherry, sour-cherry and so on)

On the whole, better conditions will improve the quality of the plants such as health condition, immunity, and stress tolerance.


  • -grape and fruit plantations
  • -berries
  • -vegetables
  • -nursery gardens
  • -forestries
  • -green areas,parks,lawn producers

Expected effects

  • Longer biological life of the plantation (5-8 years)
  • The profit-making capacity of the plantation will improve with 20-50% (more,bigger fruits)
  • Defence against inland (too much rainfall or too quick melting)
  • Saving tree decay

Finally, as we usually do the oil change on our cars, soil airation is the same with our plantations. It is expectable that very positive effects will appear within a short time.

Our plantations also need this service just like our cars the oil change. Actually we spent a huge amount of money in order to create a successful plantation, why would not we save it professionally?

The service is provided, technically solved, I am looking forward to your applications.

Please feel free to contact me, I would answer to all your questions personally or through e-mail or telephone.

e-mail: faragobt [at] tel.: 0036 70 39 55 900

Yours sincerely,

Faragó Endre
agricultural engineer
6000 Kecskemét, Ballószög 296/c