Technical data

1,2-2m radius circle/ 1 „explosion” which is visible (buti t is often bigger)

  • pressure: 12 bar
  • approx. 570-750liter air „pressed” into the soil /1 „explosion”
  • recommended explosions/ HA: 600-1000
  • tempo of the service 1,2-1,5ha/day
  • quantity of the dispensed air: 300-750 m3 /ha
  • weight of the dispensed air: 420-900kg/ha
  • weight of the dispensed oxygen into the ground: 80-180kg/ha
  • weight of the dispensed nitrogen into the ground: 320-560kg/ha
  • depth of the penetration: 82 cm
  • ventilated volume: 10-25m3
  • weight of the hammer: 85kg
  • hitting power: 1500kg
  • Atlas-Copco compressor’s performance: 37liter/sec
  • reagent dosage: 20-60ml/penetration, 16-60liter/ha

(The machine’s structure is protected by law under the U 1400069/3 number)