Effects of soil airation

Soil compression and its solution by Dr. Magyar Károly’s presentation

History of soil airation

  • closely related to the production of cherry and sour-cherry
  • 1960-70, Linz: soil easing with concentrated air
  • 1970, Dánszentmiklós,Hungary: work out of limits,figures, gaining experience primarily in sour-cherry plantations
  • 1990: test the concentrated air technology in practice (Borda László, Nagykanizsa)
  • 2004: spread of the technology worldwide

The soil and the roots

  • composition: solid parts and the space between them (water and air)
  • The rate of them is crucial to be balanced because of the oxygen requirements of the plant
  • Structure: precise order of the solid parts, for example sandy soil
  • In a compressed ground, the pore space decreases,thus the lack of oxygen and the reductive environment will not let he plantation to grow and perfectly.
  • Appropriate conditions (with a lot of oxygen) need for the roots in order to ensure the required improvements, so the quality of the ground and the type of the soil are also important.

Environmental needs for the roots

  • structure,type,and oxygen content of the ground
  • microorganisms’ work in the ground, quality of nutritions that the plant or tree can „eat”
  • In case of a fruit plantation, there is only one plowing before the installation which is not enough, its effects do not last forever. However, gardeners often tend to forget about the neccessary operations in terms of the soil. The solution is soil airation.
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